Twilight Sleep Consultation


The in-home Twilight Consultation gives you a more hands-on approach and support in your natural home environment at a time that suits best for you and your baby. A chance to have your Baby Sleep Consultant travel to your home and meet you, providing you with in-depth expert advice, tips and sleeping solutions every step of the way.


Duration: 3 hours

This consultation is ideal for 3 months – 5 years old, giving you a more hands-on approach with one on one demonstrations and settling techniques. This option begins in the early evening at 6pm, sometimes referred to as the ‘witching hour’. Working together during this pre-bedtime routine, will allow us to meet you and your baby, gauge their temperament and the best settling techniques for them and discuss the most suitable sleep techniques and solutions. We will work together to finalise and tailor a plan that is designed to suit your parenting style and your baby’s needs.


  • In home consultation for 3 hours (From 6-9pm) with Aprilla your Sleep Consultant and the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.
  • Full assessment of your little one’s sleep and sleep logs.
  • A comprehensive and tailored sleep solution plan complimenting your parenting style.
  • Review of your child’s sleep environment.
  • Discussion of different sleep learning techniques and sleep solutions can be demonstrated.

This consultation includes three weeks of follow up support via phone, email or text.

Cost*: $490.00

* Gift vouchers can be redeemed for this service by providing the voucher code during when booking.
* Travel charges may apply.
* Option to extend support is available at additional cost.

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