New Baby Rules: Visiting A Newborn Etiquette

New Baby Rules: Visiting A Newborn Etiquette

It’s one of the things expectant, and new parents tend to worry about – people visiting their newborn baby and mum in the hospital or at home after birth. It can be a rather sensitive topic to raise with friends and relatives, so we hope this blog post makes it that little bit easier. Take it from us, by following these rules for visiting a new baby; a new mum will thank you. But, if you’re the one who’s expecting, all you have to do is share this post with your family and friends, and the hard work is done.

Rules for visiting a newborn baby and parents

Visiting a newborn when you’re sick

Whether you’re sick, your partner is sick, or your kids are sick, the best decision is always to stay at home; don’t take the risk. Kidspot shared a story about baby Oliver who contracted pneumonia, bronchiolitis and RSV not long after he was born, reminding us that visiting a newborn with a cold or even a slight cough, can really hurt a baby.

No whooping cough or influenza vaccination = no cuddles

These days you’ll find that this rule is a non-negotiable for any visits, particularly for those people who will be spending a lot of time around the baby.  Immunisations can be administered at a local council or community health clinics, pharmacies, public hospitals and by your GP. 

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Wash your hands

A newborns immune system is very new, and so absolutely every precaution must be taken not to spread germs. As soon as you arrive in the hospital room or home, the first thing you should do is give your hands a good wash with soap and water.

Wait for an invite

The days post-birth are exhausting for a new mum, and if she’s recovering from a caesarian, she’ll be feeling uncomfortable too. That’s why it’s always best to wait for the new parents to invite you for a visit, they’ll do it in their own time and when it suits them.

Remember too, when you do visit, don’t overstay your welcome. Keep the visit short, no longer than an hour.  And if you can, ask if there’s something you can do to help while you’re visiting. This could be something like hanging up the washing or doing the dishes if you’re visiting the new parents at home.

What to bring when visiting a newborn

An absolute must with new baby visitor rules is that you must not turn up empty-handed! But that doesn’t mean bringing a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates (although most mums wouldn’t mind it), it means turning up with something that is completely practical like ready-made meals.  It’ll take a load of the new parents and have them giving you a gigantic hug.

But new baby rules don’t say you can’t give a unique gift that isn’t food and, of course, we recommend a baby gift box from our collection; it’s perfect, memorable and fuss-free, just order online and we'll do the rest!

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