Mama Blessingway: An Alternative to A Traditional Baby Shower

Mama Blessingway: An Alternative to A Traditional Baby Shower

A traditional baby shower with games, presents, decorations and a big focus on the baby is both fun and memorable, but it’s not always everyone’s cup of tea. For some, a baby shower can be quite overwhelming. A Blessingway, on the other hand, is a much lower-key, spiritual celebration with a focus on the mama-to-be and her transition into motherhood.


What is a Blessingway?

As mums, we always talk about our ‘tribe’, the group of women we have in our lives that support us in our parenting journey. A Blessingway is where this tribe comes together in a spiritual sense, blessing the mother during a ceremony and helping to empower her on her motherhood journey. The path into motherhood isn’t always smooth sailing, so empowerment helps build strength.

Where does the Blessingway originate?

A Blessingway originates from the ceremony held by the Navajo (Native American). The ceremony is a celebration of the woman’s rite of passage into motherhood.

What do you do at a Blessingway?

A Blessingway is all about the mum-to-be, with different rituals that can be carried out to offer blessings and protection, to gather positive energy and help the mum-to-be feel more confident and supported – emotionally, spiritually and mentally. It’s all about nurturing the mum to be, pampering her and filling her cup. It’s a highly spiritual affair and very personal. Often, Blessingway’s are carried out by close friends or family; alternatively, midwives and doulas regularly host them too. Here are some Blessingway ideas for a meaningful experience.

6 Enriching Blessingway Rituals

Create a birth necklace

Have each woman bring a bead to the Blessingway. While sitting in a circle, each woman should share her blessing and then hand the Blessingway beads over to the mum-to-be. Each bead is thread onto the necklace, and the necklace worn during labour. The birth necklace is a reminder of the support the mama-to-be has from trusted women in her tribe.

blessingway necklace

Perform a string ceremony

Cut a piece of string or yarn for each woman to wrap around her wrist. When mama-to-be goes into labour, each woman should cut their bracelet as they are notified of the labour via telephone or text message and release a prayer for a safe and happy birth.

Make birth art

Birth art can be anything from positive messages painted on rocks to the painting of pictures on baby onesies. These pieces of art will become the perfect reminder for the mama-to-be before, during and post-birth that she is strong and loved.

Belly decorating

A pregnant belly is beautiful, and the use of body paint or henna to decorate a mama’s belly will make her feel beautiful and strong.

belly decorating at Blessingway

Pamper the mama-to-be

It’s at this time, close to birth, that a mama-to-be deserves to be pampered, not having to worry about the food in the oven or the tidying up. The Blessingway is all about filling mama’s cup, making her feel positive and supported. A pamper might be in the form of a foot or shoulder massage, a facial or doing her hair. Don’t forget to ask what she would like first; pregnant mamas sometimes don’t want to be touched. 

Make a flower crown

Flower crowns are a perfect way to celebrate the beauty and strengths of the mama-to-be in a flower crown Blessingway ceremony. The flower crown has been worn for hundreds of years to symbolise everything from love, fertility and celebration. Each guest should bring a flower that reminds them of the mum-to-be and then places it on the flower crown. While in a circle, each guest explains why they selected the flower. It’s a very uplifting ceremony.

flower crown for blessingway

So if you’ve been trying to think of a celebration that’s different and less overwhelming than the traditional baby shower, one that genuinely embraces support, love, friendships and motherhood, why not try a Blessingway.

Although Blessingway gifts aren’t common, that doesn’t mean they’re forbidden. If you like to show your love through gifts, take a look at our baby gift box collection, perfect for mama and her new baby.

Martina Vitulli
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