7 Ways to Host an Unforgettable Baby Shower on a Budget

7 Ways to Host an Unforgettable Baby Shower on a Budget

Every mum-to-be deserves to feel special at her baby shower, it’s a celebration of new life that doesn't need to cost a fortune. Having a baby shower on a budget is achievable and often a lot more memorable for the right reasons. 

If throwing a baby shower on a budget seems a little unachievable, whether it be for yourself, your friend, sister or daughter, we’ve put together some baby shower ideas that’ll get you excited to start planning!

How to throw a baby shower on a budget that a mum-to-be will never forget

1. Timing and planning 

Planning is always key. Give yourself or your girlfriends enough time to plan your special day, you’d be surprised how much money this can save you. Choose to host your baby shower at a time of day where you can serve petite fours and other light appetizers. You’d be surprised how quickly you and your guests will fill up without having to bear the cost of serving main meals.  

2. Involve your friends

Why spend a fortune on décor that will only be used once? Ask your friends, who have had a baby shower, if you can borrow things like bunting and baby themed décor. Utilise pieces like mason jars, punch bowls, platters, glasses and teacups. There will be more than enough people willing to help you out. Alternatively, find a good Dollar Shop, you’d be surprised what great pieces you could find on a budget.

3. Host it at home

Having a baby shower at home can be charming and intimate, you can decorate the home exactly as you wish, you're not restricted by time and you can play all those fun and embarrassing baby shower games in the comfort of your own home. The beauty about having it at home means that you won't be up for room hire costs and meeting minimum spend limits at the selected establishment.

4. Invitations: Go paperless

Purchasing printed invitations and envelopes plus paying for postage can cost a pretty penny. There are so many great options around these days where you can design an invitation online and send it to your friend’s email, consider using Paperless Post. If you still like the traditional invitation but don’t want to spend loads on the design and printing, Canva has free invitation templates which you can print out yourself. Or use those social media channels like Facebook, simple yet effective and don’t cost a cent.

free baby shower invitation template

Made with Canva

5. Food and Drink

There’s lots of fun and simple ways to serve food and drink at your baby shower, you don’t need to serve expensive aged cheeses and smoked trout bilinis! Simple sandwiches, cheese and crackers, dips, freshly cut fruit and veg and of course you can't forget the sweets, bake a few treats at home, get some tips online and complete your day with a few yummy cakes and keep it simple with water, juice and punch.

6. Gifting Together

Instead of everyone purchasing the mum-to-be individual gifts, why not consider going into a more substantial gift together. For example, our popular baby gift box the Bambina Box or, the Bambino Boxare the perfect group gift, packed full of the essential baby items a new mum and bub need. Gifting together is the perfect way to spoil that new mum to be. 

7. Baby shower decoration ideas on a budget

Balloons are generally a fun and budget-friendly decor item. For a baby shower on a budget, here are some frugal decor ideas:

  • Hang cute little onesies, bibs and socks around the room and mum-to-be can keep.
  • For a bit of sparkle, spray the bottom of balloons with glue and glitter
  • If you’re opting for a colour theme, paint some old mason jars and use them as flower vases
  • Make your own paper garlands
  • Cut out colourful paper shapes and hang them on a string for guests to write well wishes.
  • Hang photos of the mum-to-be as a baby
  • Head to the local farmer's markets to buy some flowers to place around the room

Image credit: Hubpages

Image credit: Artbar

Take a look around at home; there's sure to be plenty of things you can transform for a baby shower on a budget with a little bit of imagination and creativity! 

Lastly, if a baby shower is not quite the mum-to-be's cup of tea, why not consider a Blessingway.


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