5 Things That Make The Perfect Baby Shower Gift Box

5 Things That Make The Perfect Baby Shower Gift Box

Most mums will tell you about the baby shower gifts they received that went unused, many quietly donated or re-gifted. Although a baby shower gift box is usually given with much sentiment, there’s often little thought given to practicalities of the items it contains. A pair of newborn shoes, for example, are a poor choice simply because babies can’t walk. Stuffed toys often end up being added to the already huge pile of stuffed animals to collect dust, and chocolates, well that’s the boring but easy way out!

Baby shower gift boxes are our speciality and we’re here to share some tips on how you can give one of the best baby shower gifts ever. What new parent wouldn’t appreciate a beautiful creation, especially from The Essential Baby Box!

Baby shower gift box ideas to sweep a new mum off her feet

Baby clothing

When it comes to selecting the baby clothes to go into the gift box, a little bit of common sense goes a long way. Consider the season the baby will be born and buy accordingly, avoid any mass-produced items and find something unique and high-quality. Even better, opt for organic and eco-friendly fabrics, something every mother would love.

Did you know? We only stock organic cotton and our boxes are stocked with a variety of sizes from 000 to 12 months to grow with baby. CLICK HERE to check out the gorgeous baby clothing in our boxes.

Baby blankets and wraps

In those first few weeks, there’s simply no routine and mums job is simply learning how to keep baby content. Every baby loves to be swaddled because it mimics the feeling of being in the womb. Opt for extra breathable and versatile swaddles like the two packed in each Essential Baby Box; they can be also be used as pram covers and as a burp cloth.


Unless you know the baby’s gender, avoid playing the guessing game and select gender-neutral tones instead.  Classic white and mint with a splash of yellow work really well together, something we offer in the gender-neutral Tutti Box.

Other essential baby shower gift ideas

Let’s talk about the most forgotten yet useful item on the list that every parent forgets – The Grooming Kit. A grooming kit includes a baby nail clipper, nasal aspirator, thermometer, brush, comb and baby toothbrush, a must-have necessity found in four of our boxes.

If you’re looking to add a little bit of colour pop, we’ve included a gorgeous Jellystone designed teething toy stacker in our boxes. The teething toy stackers serve two purposes, to be used as a teething toy, relieving tender and sore gums and as a stacker toy to promote hand-eye coordination.  To finish off the perfect baby box we include a pack of baby wipes, you can never go wrong with these.

Baby box packaging

Who isn’t time poor these days? Finding the perfect little something is hard enough let alone wrapping it beautifully! Take it from us, presenting a baby shower gift in a ribbon wrapped box makes an impact, that’s why we present each of our baby boxes in a big white box, lined with high-quality tissue paper, and finished with a ribbon. It’s easy to carry and perfectly packaged, all you have to do now is deliver the goods and watch mums eyes light up as she unboxes her new little (or big) box of goodies.

The time and thought you put into finding the perfect baby shower gift will speak a thousand words, but If you’re time poor and looking for a newborn gift or baby shower gift box that can be conveniently ordered online, why not check out our already curated baby boxes HERE!


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